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Platform Overview

Automatically track, calculate, and manage your bonus plan

Ditch the spreadsheets and automate your bonus calculations for a streamlined and time-saving solution.

Meet Plentive, the most powerful incentive-tracking software.

Inspire company performance, motivate your team

Boost company growth, increase profitability, and maximize ROI with performance-driven rewards that employees love.

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5 stars

Michael Reynolds

“Plentive has allowed us to align our bonus structure with our company’s objectives seamlessly, driving our company’s overall performance and profitability.”

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5 stars

Lisa Johnson
HR Director

“Plentive has been invaluable. From understanding the right KPIs to implementing effective incentives, the expertise offered has been instrumental in shaping our marketing team’s goals and aspirations.”

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5 stars

Vinod Gupta
Vice President

“With real-time progress tracking and expert guidance, we’ve been able to optimize processes, drive efficiency, and ultimately contribute to the company’s bottom line in meaningful ways.”

See all of your employee performance data in one place

Gain comprehensive insights with our Executive Dashboard—a centralized hub showcasing all employee data, enabling effortless tracking, goal-setting, and strategic alignment.

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Give transparent metrics and bonus-plan tracking to each employee

Empower every team member with their own personalized Employee Dashboard.  Provide them with transparent performance metrics so that they can visually track their progress and strive for greater rewards.

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Save time with automation

Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheet calculations and scattered data management. Automatic data integrations and calculations make it a breeze.

Empower your team with real-time progress

Give your employees clear visibility into their performance metrics, goals, and potential bonuses, fostering transparency and motivation within the team.

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Get expert assistance to create an effective employee bonus plan for your company!

Learn from our experts:

  • the right KPIs and metrics to use

  • your industry’s benchmarks

  • the most effective incentives

  • how to manage your incentive program

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