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The Incentive People

At Plentive, we are the leading experts in incentive programs, having meticulously crafted over 1,400+ plans across diverse industries. Our passion lies in seeing your team thrive, driven by well-designed incentive structures that enhance performance and foster growth. We believe in the power of rewarding and nurturing your greatest asset – your people. With a core focus on performance, transparency, and accountability, we strive to provide solutions that inspire and engage every member of your team.

Jones and Demille employees

Our Story

Born from an engineering firm in Utah

Plentive’s story begins with Jones and DeMille Engineering (JDE), where they realized traditional bonus systems weren’t motivating their team as they’d hoped. After trying different approaches without success, in 2017 they spent over a year developing a new profit-sharing model. This became Plentive, a platform designed to inspire employee performance. Since implementing Plentive, JDE has seen their profits double and their team become engaged. Recognizing its potential, they decided to share Plentive with the world, hoping to inspire a culture of high performance everywhere.

Our Values

Our company values prioritize the well-being and recognition of our people while emphasizing performance, transparency, and accountability to inspire and engage every employee.

People First

Care about your people


Always align your goals


Be vulnerable


You make it happen

Meet the Team

Ryan Jolley

CEO & Founder

Shanna Hawley

Client Success Manager

Tyler Olsen

Technical Director

Kevin Adams

Software Developer

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Marion Goldtooth

Content Specialist

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Jordan Vane

Web/Software Developer

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