Bonus System Transparency

Bonus System Transparency enhances trust and motivation within a team or organization which benefits the expanding growth of a company. Growth is essential in a successful company. Teaching your employees to think like owners and allowing them to expand their skills, will help them and the company thrive! That growth cannot happen without good communication and good incentives, both of which help your employees feel valued.


In the past, I have been blessed with good jobs where I felt valued and noticed, but with my current job, I feel valued, noticed, and like I have a long-term place. This is because they have allowed me to expand my skill set, given me guidance, and have brought to light the areas where I need improvement. These things have allowed me to feel and be successful in what I do.

Bonus System Transparency

These awesome conversations have happened in reviews with my supervisors where they have chosen to be completely transparent with me. I know where I’m doing well, and I know where I need to do better! After we have discussed the importance of my strengths and weaknesses and acknowledged what they are, we review my bonus, if one was given.

That’s right, they review my bonuses with me! I don’t just get a few extra dollars on my paycheck labeled “bonus”; I KNOW why I got it! I’ve been able to feel such a sense of accomplishment in those reviews as I learn what specifically contributed to my bonus; I feel proud of my work. My bonus finally means something to me!

Having that kind of information about my bonus and knowing that I have the potential to improve my skills and habits at work is enough for me to try harder. However, the proactive and transparent communication with my supervisor topped with a bonus in my paycheck (which they were also transparent about) motivates me to reach new heights, achieve my goals, and develop better relationships with my co-workers. It pushes me to do more in order progress and grow within the company and hit my bonus potential!


Human beings thrive on the ability to just be human and to feel like they can be themselves, as taught in this Humans Being At Work article. At work, if superiors are transparent with them, encouraging of their strengths, and opening doors for growth opportunities, these simply human employees will thrive. They will feel valued and their motivation to do great work will increase.

Transparency within a company creates an environment of success for everyone.

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