The Top 11 Incentive Automation Platforms

In the fast-paced world of business, where success hinges on strategic decisions and streamlined operations, incentive automation has emerged as a game-changer. Choosing the right incentive automation platform is a critical decision that can significantly impact your organization’s performance, engagement, and overall success. As you embark on this journey, we find it critical to keep in mind the most important aspects that define a top-tier platform.

When considering an incentive automation platform, look for solutions that go beyond traditional models, offering innovative features that set them apart. The ability to integrate seamlessly with various data sources is crucial, allowing businesses to drive incentives using a diverse range of information, not confined to CRM data alone. Transparency and alignment with broader business goals should be at the forefront, ensuring that rewards are intricately woven into the fabric of your strategic objectives.

Versatility is key; the platform should adapt to the unique needs of your business, providing accurate commission calculations, quota management, and dynamic territory assignments. User-friendliness is equally vital, ensuring that the platform is powerful yet intuitive, catering to businesses of all sizes. Real-time visibility, flexibility, and a commitment to boosting engagement are additional factors that elevate an incentive automation platform to greatness.

In this blog, we unveil the top 11 incentive automation platforms that embody these essential aspects, setting the stage for organizations to master success through strategic incentive programs. Each platform brings its unique strengths to the table, catering to a spectrum of industries and organizational sizes. As you explore these platforms, envision the transformation they can bring to your incentive programs and, consequently, to your organization’s overall prosperity.

The Top 11 Incentive Automation Platforms


1. Plentive

In the dynamic landscape of incentive compensation systems, Plentive continues to lead the pack with a groundbreaking feature that sets it miles ahead of the competition: the most extensive array of data source connections in its category. Unlike other platforms that rely solely on CRM data for incentive programs, Plentive empowers businesses to drive their incentives using a diverse range of data sources, offering connections to thousands of ERP, CRM, HRIS, and accounting software.

Offering incentives for more than just your sales team, this broad spectrum of data source connections transforms how businesses are approaching incentive programs. Plentive allows organizations to glean insights from various facets of their operations, not limited to sales revenue alone. Now, decision-makers can tap into the wealth of information housed in their ERP systems, uncover performance metrics from HRIS platforms, and leverage data from accounting software to create holistic incentive programs that align with overarching business goals.

Plentive’s dedication to full transparency and empowerment sets a new standard in the sales commission software landscape. Access to all your business data in one place allows the integration of live business analytics dashboards with targeted incentive management and sets Plentive apart as a visionary in the space. The system not only automates reward distribution but also analyzes real-time data to suggest strategic areas for incentives, aligning reward strategies with broader business objectives.

**Notable Features:**

– Extensive data source connections

– Integration of live business analytics

– Personalized performance dashboards

– Automated plan recommendations

– Versatile event tracking system



Starting at $100 per company per month, Plentive is the most affordable software in this category. Add-ons include optional fees to automate your data connections with Plentive.

2. Varicent

Varicent is a versatile Sales Performance Management (SPM) platform known for accurate commission calculations, quota management, and dynamic territory assignments. Its adaptability caters to businesses aiming to optimize sales performance.

**Notable Features:**
 – On-Demand Access: Allows sellers to view interactive compensation statements and performance metrics, including quota attainment and tiers, on any device.
 – Plan Management: Easy design and management of incentive plans without coding, with a clear and easy plan-builder.
 – Automated Workflows: Replaces manual processes with automated workflows for approvals and routing.
 – Performance Insights: Provides role-level dashboards and reporting functionality for performance insights and data-driven decisions.

Varicent Software



For detailed pricing information, businesses can request a quote from Varicent.

3. Performio

Performio is an enterprise-grade compensation management software offering commission tracking, quota management, and territory management. Its user-friendly design and flexibility make it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Performio logo

**Notable Features:**

 – Flexibility: Offers no-code, pre-built comp plan components for extensive data transformation capabilities.
 – Scalability: Can handle everything from a few dozen to millions of transactions per period.
 – User Interface: Features a user-friendly interface with comprehensive reporting capabilities like ASC606 reporting and multi-currency support.
 – Automated Calculations: Automates sales commission calculations and provides detailed reports and real-time leaderboards.
 – Centralized Data: Provides powerful reporting capabilities for incentive plan effectiveness and sales team performance.

– Comprehensive commission tracking

– Quota management

– Territory management

– Real-time analytics and reporting

– Customizable dashboards

Performio software



Performio (Starting at $50.00 /per user/per month)

4. Xactly Incent

Xactly Incent is a precision-driven incentive compensation platform, providing accurate calculations, real-time visibility into performance metrics, and advanced analytics. It is trusted by businesses to align incentives with strategic goals.  On their website it boasts

Xactly Incent Software

**Notable Features:**

– Plan Design: Allows creation and management of various compensation plans, leveraging 18+ years of proprietary benchmarking data.
 – Calculation Automation: Automates complex commission calculations and increases compliance and accuracy.
 – Reps Visibility: Provides reps with on-demand visibility into pay and potential earnings.
 – Data Integration: Offers a complete data integration platform with support for various business systems.
 – Scalability: Scales to handle complex calculations and large numbers of payees and transactions.
 – Plan Flexibility: Features reusable plan components, customizable workflows, detailed reporting, and hierarchy management.

– Precise incentive calculations

– Real-time visibility

– Advanced analytics

– Plan design and modeling

– Scalability for businesses of all sizes

Xactly Incent Software



Xactly Incent (Starting at $60 /per user/per month)

5. CaptivateIQ

CaptivateIQ is distinguished by its real-time visibility and powerful calculation engine, catering to industries like insurance, real estate, and finance. It offers flexibility in managing variable workflows and adjustments to commission plans.

CaptivateIQ logo

**Notable Features:**

 – Quick Response: Optimized for quick responses with features like a commission estimator and dispute management.
 – Comprehensive Features: Includes compensation statements, plan documents, performance reports, and support for mobile users.
 – Reporting and Dashboards: Provides advanced reporting, financial modeling, and customizable dashboards.
 – Managerial Tools: Features leadership dashboards, leaderboards, and manager coaching views.

– Real-time visibility

– Powerful calculation engine

– Flexible variable workflows

– Configurable incentive structures

– Accessibility and ease of use

CaptivateIQ Software



 CaptivateIQ: Starting at $17 /per user/per month

6. ElevateHQ

ElevateHQ focuses on budget control tools, streamlining compensation, and maximizing representative satisfaction. The platform enhances engagement through transparency, accurate payouts, and end-to-end process visibility.

ElevateHG Software

**Notable Features:**

– Commission Plan Design: Features an easy-to-use commission plan designer for automating any sales compensation plan.
 – Intuitive Designer: Offers custom fields for complex commission workflows with multiple logical conditions.
 – Seamless Data Connections: Provides one-touch connection with various tools like CRMs, Invoicing, Accounting, and Payroll.
 – Powerful Rule Engine: Customizes incentive triggers, rules, and payout schedules.
 – Auto-Pilot Compensation Management: Enables setting up of sales commission tracker, approval, and payout workflows.
 – Team Management: Configures team hierarchy and manages team members’ changes during commission periods.
 – Payout Reconciliation: Assists in reconciling invoices with inward payments, deals, and reps.
 – Overrides & Audit Trails: Manages exceptions and maintains an audit log for every change.

– Budget control tools

– Compensation streamlining

– Maximized representative satisfaction

– Automated compensation management

– End-to-end process visibility

Elevate HQ software



Elevate HQ ($25-35 /per user/per month)

7. Everstage

Everstage excels in aligning sales team behavior with revenue goals. The platform offers features to optimize sales performance and drive growth through strategic incentive programs. Its dynamic features support goal-setting and personalized dashboards.

**Notable Features:**

 – Sales Compensation Automation: Allows building, modeling, and customizing of commission plans according to business goals.
 – Commission Processing: Automates approval workflows and contract management for timely and accurate payouts.
 – Payee Experience: Enhances payee motivation with visibility of payouts and advanced gamification.
 – Reporting and Analytics: Provides insights on sales performance and measures incentive program efficacy.
 – Tech Stack Integration: Facilitates integration with various tools for data collection and communication.
 – Security and Compliance: Maintains enterprise-grade security and compliance with regulations like SOC 2 Type-II, GDPR, and ISO 27001.

– Alignment of sales team behavior

– Optimization of sales performance

– Strategic incentive programs

– Dynamic features for goal-setting

– Personalized dashboards

Everstage Software Example page



Everstage (Must request a pricing quote)

8. Spiff

Spiff stands out for its machine learning capabilities, streamlining the sales process with detailed insights into commission, cost, and revenue using real-time data. Notable features include a robust search module, accessibility via mobile devices, and advanced analytics.

**Notable Features:**
 – Transparency and Ease-of-Use: Focuses on transparency, flexibility, and real-time visibility in the commission process.
 – Commission Plan Design: Pairs the usability of a spreadsheet with automation for quick and efficient plan creation.
 – Motivation Science: Utilizes motivational science to foster happier and more motivated sales teams.
 – Full Commission Management: Offers a complete system for managing commissions from start to finish.
 – Growth-Oriented Programs: Allows creation of commission programs that drive growth and performance reporting.
 – Integration with Existing Tools: Integrates with existing tools for data accuracy and consistency.
 – Complex Plan Automation: Automates even the most complex commission plans.
 – Real-Time Commission Data: Provides accurate, real-time commission data to improve trust and job satisfaction.
 – Compliance and Efficiency: Focuses on compliance, employee retention, and simplifying administrative tasks.

– Machine learning capabilities

– Streamlined sales process

– Detailed insights into commission, cost, and revenue

– Robust search module

– Accessibility via mobile devices

Spiff Software Example



Spiff (Must request a pricing quote)

9. QCommission

QCommission is renowned for its accuracy and flexibility in handling complex commission plans. The platform offers robust reporting and analytics features, supporting businesses in optimizing their incentive programs.

**Notable Features:**
 – Flexible Scheduling: Allows user-defined processing schedules with various calendar types.
 – Payee Management: Supports various payee types, including employees, non-employees, and companies, with detailed information and customization.
 – Sales Organization Management: Offers hierarchical relationships and unlimited levels within sales organizations for crediting and calculations.
 – Customer and Product-Based Crediting: Enables crediting and commission calculations based on customer and product information.
 – Commission Plans: Provides individual and shared commission plans with the ability to handle multiple incentives and automate plan creation.

– Accuracy and flexibility

– Handling complex commission plans

– Robust reporting and analytics

– Configurable structures

– Flexibility in designing incentive programs

Q Commission Software Example



QCommission (Starting at $15.00 /per user/per month)

10. Blitz

Blitz is tailored for industries such as insurance, real estate, and finance. The platform assists businesses in managing incentive programs and tracking team performance. Its focus on flexibility and efficiency makes it a reliable choice for dynamic sales environments.

**Notable Features:**

 – Automation and Efficiency: Streamlines the commission process by digitizing and automating calculations, improving accuracy and fairness.
 – Collaboration Enhancement: Facilitates collaboration between different teams and stakeholders, ensuring informed and connected commission processes.
 – Industry Adaptability: Recognized as a leading commission tracking platform, providing accurate compensation management and automation across different industries.

– Tailored for insurance, real estate, and finance

– Management of incentive programs

– Team performance tracking

– Flexibility in variable workflows

– Efficiency in dynamic sales environments

Blitz Compensation Software Example



Blitz ($28.75 – $32 /per user/per month)

11. SS&C EzeComp

EzeComp offers a comprehensive suite with plan design, modeling, and analytics for effective incentive compensation management. Its scalability supports businesses of various sizes, offering flexibility to adapt to evolving compensation structures.

**Notable Features:**
 – Lifecycle Management: Consolidates the entire commission management process onto a single platform for efficient management.
 – Transparency in Commission Spend: Addresses complex commission management needs with a transparent view of commission spend.
 – MiFID II Compliance: Offers capabilities for full transparency to meet complex MiFID II regulation requirements.
 – Streamlined Operations: Provides features for streamlining budgeting, automating broker evaluations, customizing commission schedules, and consolidating commission data across platforms.

– Comprehensive suite for compensation management

– Plan design, modeling, and analytics

– End-to-end automation of compensation processes

– Scalability for businesses of all sizes

– Flexibility in adapting to evolving compensation structures

SS&C Eze Comp Software Example



Must request a pricing quote


As we conclude this deep dive into the world of incentive automation, it’s evident that these top 11 platforms are not just tools but strategic partners in shaping the success of businesses. From Plentive’s groundbreaking data connections to EzeComp’s comprehensive compensation suite, each platform offers a unique blend of features designed to elevate incentive programs into powerful drivers of success.

The diversity in features, flexibility, and scalability across these platforms underscores the importance of tailored solutions for diverse business needs. Whether you seek real-time visibility, precise calculations, or a user-friendly interface, there’s a platform tailored to meet your requirements.

In choosing the right incentive automation platform, businesses are not merely investing in software; they are investing in the future of their sales performance, team engagement, and overall organizational prosperity. The key lies in aligning these platforms with specific business objectives, ensuring that incentives become an integral part of the strategic vision. Read more about our different types of incentives. 

As businesses navigate the ever-evolving landscape of incentive management, the insights provided in this guide aim to empower decision-makers with the knowledge needed to make informed choices. Whether you are a start-up aiming for rapid growth or an enterprise seeking streamlined processes, these platforms offer a pathway to success.

The journey to mastering success through incentive programs is ongoing, and with the right platform as your guide, it becomes not just achievable but transformative. May your incentive programs be dynamic, your teams motivated, and your business objectives met with resounding success. Here’s to navigating success and embracing a future where incentives are not just managed but masterfully optimized for excellence.


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