The 8 best Employee Incentive Software Companies 2024

What is an employee incentive software?

Employee incentive software is basically a digital tool that helps companies encourage and reward their employees for doing a great job. Imagine a game where you earn points for completing different tasks or challenges—employee incentive software works a bit like that. It keeps track of the good things employees do at work, like meeting goals, staying on track, or helping their teammates.  We love employee incentive software because they help businesses create and administer their company more efficiently while rewarding employees in the meantime. Since we love employee incentive software so much we have compiled a list of our favorite companies! Read on to understand what each of these companies has to offer. The 8 Best Employee Incentive Software Companies (2024).

The 8 Best Employee Incentive Software Companies 2024

1. Plentive: Transforming Incentives with Real-Time Analytics and Automation

In the world of incentive management, Plentive is the real deal with its super cool use of real-time data. Basically, it’s like the superhero of automated incentives because it doesn’t just give out rewards but also turns boring data into live business dashboards. Executives get this VIP access to insights that can totally level up performance using smart incentives.

Plentive’s real-time data magic makes sure incentives are on the ball, keeping everyone pumped for improvement. They’re like the trendsetters, blending live business analytics with incentive wizardry. Not only does it handle reward handouts, but it dives into real-time data to point out where we can supercharge incentives, making them match the big goals of the business.

And guess what? Plentive isn’t just for the big shots. It throws this power of real-time analytics straight to each of us on the team. Everyone gets their own dashboard, showing off how we’re doing and how it’s affecting our rewards. It’s like a scoreboard for grown-ups, letting us see our progress, get what we’re contributing, and aim for total awesomeness.

Plentive is all about giving us the tools to shine. They’re like the trendsetters of personalized analytics dashboards, making sure we’re in the loop and empowered. So, if you’re looking to boost your team’s game and show off individual victories, Plentive is where it’s at. Real-time data and empowerment coming together for total success – it’s like the high school dream, but for businesses!

Plentive dashboard
  • Extensive data source connections
  • Integration of live business analytics
  • Personalized performance dashboards
  • Automated plan recommendations
  • Versatile event tracking system

2. Bonusly:

Bonusly is a peer-to-peer recognition platform that allows employees to give each other micro-bonuses for their efforts. It also offers reporting and analytics features.



Favorite Features:

  • Social features make recognition visual and interesting
  • Analytics point out team members’ strengths
  • Monthly allowance features ensure everyone can give recognition
  • Automate birthday and work anniversary celebrations
  • Let employees choose their own rewards

3. workTango:

Work tango is the all in one employee experience platform that connects employee recognition and rewards with continuous performance management to create an amazing employee experience. WorkTango provides an Employee Experience Platform tailored for the modern workplace. Its features include meaningful recognition and rewards, actionable insights through employee surveys, and support for goal alignment by bringing recognition, rewards, incentives, goals OKRs, conversations, and feedback into one place. WorkTango motivates employees to grow, develop and love doing it!

Favorite Features:

  • Real-time employee recognition feed drives morale and connection
  • Global Rewards catalog offers meaningful rewards for everyone
  • Trackable, stackable goals keep teams aligned and productive
  • Insights help managers make data-driven decisions
  • Employee recognition and rewards system.
  • Comprehensive employee surveys for insights and action planning.
  • Goal setting and feedback tools for employee development.

4. Awardco:

Awardco offers a huge selection of employee rewards designed to make recognition, appreciation and celebration a staple of your company culture. They also created a seamless integration with Amazon Business which means the potential employee rewards will make your head spin. Perfect for finding the right gift or experience based on your individual employees’ interests.


Favorite Features:
  •     Incentivizes employees and allows them to earn points by contributing to your organization in new ways
  • Employees choose their awards from the world’s largest reward platform
  • Automates birthdays, awards with service , and other milestones with rewards

5. Terryberry:

Founded in 1918 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Terryberry initially focused on producing high school class rings in the Midwestern United States.  It is now an all-encompassing employee engagement company that specializes in transforming company cultures through recognition. Terryberry offers the only fully customizable end to end employee engagement platform that gives companies the ability to build recognition, rewards, wellness, surveys, and swag into their culture from day one. Terryberry’s proprietary recognition platform, “Be Recognized”, provides teams a chance to cover all four aspects of all-in-one recognition: milestones, peer recognition, incentives, and employee feedback.


Favorite Features:

  • Manager-driven recognition that can work to promote buy-in from every member of your team
  • Custom service awards from their factory and different award types for any occasion or employee milestone
  • Sales incentives and performance rewards that tie recognition to success
  • Beyond recognition, Terryberry’s platform also offers wellness programs, surveys, analytics, and the widest array of awards on the market – all housed in one place.
  •  Centralized platform for employee recognition and awards.
  • Employee wellness program initiatives.
  • Engagement surveys to gauge employee satisfaction.


6. TINYpulse:

This cloud-based software focuses on employee engagement and feedback. TINYpulse offers tools for real-time feedback through employee surveys, to help understand employees’ feelings about their job. This employee engagement platform includes tools for recognition and appreciation as well as employee feedback and surveys.

Favorite Features:

  • Platform for continuous employee feedback and engagement.
  • Peer-to-peer recognition and rewards system.
  • Integration with common workplace tools for seamless feedback.

7. High5:

Operating in the staff and and recruiting industry, High5 has a focus on business services, HR, staffing, and consumer services. High5 is designed to help companies boost employee engagement and recognition with a focus on real time feedback and appreciations.

Favorite Features:

  •   Total talent solution for various employment types.
  • Digitized global talent network for rapid talent sourcing.
  • AI-powered technology for efficient candidate assessment and placement.

8. Captivate IQ

CaptivateIQ is distinguished by its real-time visibility and powerful calculation engine, catering to industries like insurance, real estate, and finance. It offers flexibility in managing variable workflows and adjustments to commission plans.

Favorite Features

– Real-time visibility

– Powerful calculation engine

– Flexible variable workflows

– Configurable incentive structures

– Accessibility and ease of use



Using employee incentive software is like giving a turbo boost to a company’s engine. It’s not just about rewarding hard work; it’s about creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and motivated. Imagine your favorite game where you earn points for every level you conquer. Employee incentive software does that for work achievements, turning everyday tasks into exciting challenges. It brings out the best in employees, making them feel appreciated and encouraged to go the extra mile. In the end, it’s a win-win — employees feel valued, and companies thrive with a team that’s excited to give their best. So, for any company aiming to boost morale, increase productivity, and keep everyone happy, using employee incentive software is a game-changing move. Check out more of Plentive’s features including, Sales incentive plans, bonus templates, profit sharing examples, and sales commission sample agreements. 

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